Offerings of Coco-Knots

We provide a personal grass area to start, land and park your kite, a beach boy who helps you with everything, a compressor to pump your kite and  a personal kite-depot per room. Of course you can also book kitelessons and downwinders. 

So you do have everything you need to kitesurf - for beginners and advanced

*grass area (incl.)

*Beach Boy (incl.)

*Compressor (incl.)

*Personal kite-depot per room (incl.)

*Kite-lessons (R$150 - R$230/hr)

*Downwinders (ask for the prices at the desk)

Location Ilha do Guajiru:


Ilha do Guajiru is a very safe and beautiful district of the northern part of Brazil. It's surrounded by palm trees, mangrove forests, small fisher villages and certainly our outstanding kite surf lagoon. Beside the lovely surrounding it's a usual attraction to see free donkeys, horses or cows passing your way.

Ilha do Guajiru is facing a big and shallow smooth water lagoon, which is perfect to start kitesurfing or improving your freestyle tricks like transition jump, back roll, front roll, kite loops, dark slide, etc.  

It's a laid back and small kitesurf-place with only one street alongside the huge kitesurf lagoon. Most pousadas in Ilha do Guajiru are facing the kitesurf lagoon, providing the kitesurfers an easy and direct access to the kitesurf spot. Some other pousadas are opposite side of the street which is not as convenient as being just right in front of the lagoon but it's still closer to the kitespot than any other kite surf location in Brazil can offer their kitesurf-scene.


Ceara is all year sunny and hot but there is always a nice breeze because of the windy conditions. We have almost cero mosquitoes in our windy periods which changes with the start of our raining season from February until May. 

Ilha do Guajiru is a small kitesurf place but growing every year as it attracts Brazilians travelers and international kitesurfers from all over the world because of the great wind and water conditions. In high season you will find some night-life at the pousadas and events in Itarema to join. In low season it's getting more quiet and you can enjoy more communal happenings. In Ilha do Guajiru it's easy to get around by walking and to get to know the area and people staying here. 

Location Guajiru:

If you kitesurf about 1 km downwind from Ilha do Guajiru you'll end up in the kite section of the small village Guajiru which offers our guests great kitesurf conditions all day long. Here you are independent from the tides as this spot is closer connected to the open ocean and always filled with water. The water in this kite section is very shallow and perfect for our kitesurf beginners who are scared to learn in deep water. 

Attention: Please don't confuse THIS Guajiru with another small village called Guajiru - Trairi which is about 120 km further south which is located in between the two Brazilian vacation resorts Flecheiras and Lagorinha. Unfortunately it's a bit confusing for foreigners as we have different location with the name "Guajiru" in Ceara and rather more in Brazil. And beside this confusion we have Ilha do Guajiru (Island of Guajiru) which is our great kite spot. In Brazil it happens a lot that different places receive the same name and it caused already a lot of confusion for us "gringos". Check out our map to get a little overview about the area of the state Ceara which is located in the northeast of Brazil.

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